Israeli Army paratroop battalion (890th) commando school pin, 1955-1960s
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IDF paratroop battalion (890th) commando school pin: awarded upon completion of the corp's commando course; 1955-1960's.

At the end of 1954, as head of the IDF training division, Yitzhak Rabin suggested that the Army create a commando course to improve the physical and psychological strength of the regular army officers. The former commander of the special force "Unit 101" and the then commander of the 890th paratroop battalion, Ariel Sharon, created a month-long course in commando training at the Tel Nof paratroop base, and the first class opened on 1 January 1955. Graduates of the course received this pin, whose motifs were: parachuting, explosives and hand-to-hand combat (an Israeli form called "Krav Maga").

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