Israeli-made 'hitelmacher' in green denim, circa. 1947-49
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Israeli 'Hitelmacher' army hat, 1947-49. An example of one of Israel's first, unique pieces of military headwear (the ubiquitous 'sock-hat' - "kova gerev" - would be the other): a light-green denim cap with drop-down sides, to protect the wearer's neck from the sun. This piece does contain the plastic maker-mark stitched onto the inside, but through the years the identity has been worn off; the green-colored side buttons are similarly not maker-marked - like caps of this early period. The hat has two holes, one on top of the other, at the front, where the semi-curved metal badge of the newly founded Israel Defence Forces would have been worn (with two metal prongs on its rear-end - one on the top and another at the bottom; see the Israel memorabilia article on the "about us" page for an example of what this badge looked like). The hat has a brown leather lining, which together with the good condition of the hat in green, gives it a lovely appearance. Hats of this type were manufactured between 1947-48 in New York for the Israeli Army, and were produced by a Jewish business using the Yiddish phrase "Hitelmacher" ('Hat Maker') in their name - the name stuck, and hats of this type then and since have been referred to as 'Hitelmacher' hats. Rare and significant.

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