Israeli Army 82nd armoured battalion token of appreciation to Maj. Reuveni, 1970
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IDF 82nd "Storm" Armored Battalion ("Gdud 82 - Ga'ash") token of appreciation to Major Yigal Reuveni, circa. 1970; weight: 15.1g; size: 29.5mm x 39mm: with Battalion emblem on obverse and etched dedication on reverse: "To Maj. Yigal Reuveni Momento from Battalion 82".

The 82nd was established as Israel's first tank (as opposed to "armored" - very different applications in those days) battalion on the eve of the War of Independence, in a small cafe in Tel Aviv by Yitzhak Sadeh (founder of the "Palmach"), Yigal Yadin (the future 2nd Chief of the General Staff) and a few others; it is now part of the 7th Armored Division.

Yigal Reuveni mentioned on the token appears to be the same person who served as a platoon commander of Centurion tanks in this battalion prior to the 1967 Six Day war, a deputy battalion commander in the 200th ("Steel Fist") armoured brigade in the Six Day War (which fought in the Sinai desert), and as Lieutenant-Colonel a deputy brigade commander of the 670th "Iron Chariots" brigade in the 1973 War; finally serving as operations chief of the 81st Division.

Reuveni's brigade in the '73 war was a reserve unit which reached the Golan front (on 7 Oct.) without Shermans and with few Centurions as part of the IDF's counter-attack against the Syrians. It captured the Al-Khanut outpost on the 11th and eventually protected the line from Kuneitra in the Golan heights, southwards.

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