Israeli Army adjustancy corps medal of appreciation to Col. Barzel, 1960s
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IDF Adjutancy Corps ("Kheyl Shalishut") uniface medal of appreciation, circa. 1960's; struck in tombak; weight: 95.55g; size: 59.5mm. Depicts miniature of the Israel Defence Force's emblem at top and the Chief Adjutancy on the lower left, with legend "With Completion of Your Service at the Chief Adjutancy, with appreciation Col. Chaim Barzel (Barlizai) the Chief Adjutant".

Chaim Barzel served as the Chief Adjutant and later as the IDF's Chief Surgeon before retiring at the rank of Brigadier General ("Tat-Aluf"); he subsequently became the director of the Bnei Yehuda football club in Tel Aviv in the 2000's. In UNC.

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