Israeli Army annual march commemorative token, 1973
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IDF March commemoration token, 1973; struck in tombak; no makers mark; weight - 24.5g; size - 44.5mm. Issued by the Israeli Soldier's Welfare Association for the annual Army March held in conjunction with Israel's 25th Anniversary: obverse bears the IDF emblem with heading "IDF March", with legend "Headquarters of the Independence Day Celebrations - 5th of [month of] Iyar [i.e. 14 May or thereabouts] 5733 Jerusalem - The Association for the Welfare of the Soldier"; on reverse the official emblem of the 25th Anniversary of Israel's Independence surrounded by stylized image of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The IDF March ("Mitz'ad Tzahal") was an annual military parade held on Independence Day (the Hebew date for 14 May) every year from 1949 to 1968 and then again for Israel's 25th Anniversary in 1973 - about 5 months before the Yom Kippur War. That final march took place in full presentation for 25 kilomters, as it doubled up for the IDF's behind-the-scenes preparation for an expected surprise Syrian-Egyptian attack, which in the event was postponed until October of that year. In VF-EF.

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