Israeli Army / Israel's 15th Remebrance Day medal etched 'Manpower Dept', 1963
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IDF Israel's 15th Remembrance Day commissioned medal, 1963; struck in bronze at Zechovoy mint; designed by Josef Bass; weight: 120.65g; size: 60mm; thickness: 6mm. Obverse bears legend on left "Remembrance Day for the Fallen [soldiers] of the IDF 1963", with theme of "Judea Capta" on right with chain border amd legend "Judea Capta 3830 [year 70 - the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans]"; on reverse, legend on left "In Memory of Her Warriors who Fell in her Restoration, Ministry of Defense", with theme of "Judea Restituta" on right, with legend "Israel the Liberated" and cornleaf border.

Legend etched on rim "State of Israel [in English and Hebrew] Department of Manpower - Division for the Commemoration of the Soldier". This is a rare medal first issued in 1963 (in bronze) to families of the war dead in a limited issue of 6996, and then reissued again for public purchase in 1969 (in tombak) - but quickly recalled after public protest.

In AU-UNC with laquered surface: there are some scratch lines above the legend on the obverse and reverse though these may be from the original design which itself looks like a cast issue but is listed by Haffner as a struck issue; IMM-CM-11A.

מילות מפתח: מטבעות מדליה מדליות הנצחה ישראליות חברה ממשלתית חברת שקל