Rare War of Independence Jerusalem police badge, 1948
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Rare Israeli Police metal hat badge for the Jerusalem area police, 1948.Lightweight (4.15g), stamped metal badge with the word "Police" in Hebrew, English and Arabic around the circle (with 6-pointed stars separating the words, on left and right sides) and the word "Jerusalem" in Hebrew along the center bar. Reverse of badge has two simple soldiered metal looks through which would pass a fastening pin. Used only briefly and so rare. As the origins of this force are little known I describe it here below (ref: "The Hebrew Policeman During the Mandate", Simcha Frumer; 1973, pg. 247-250):

With the deadline for the end of the British Mandate in Palestine (on 14 May 1948) drawing close, in April of that year David Ben-Gurion (the Chairman of the Jewish Agency) called for the formation of a "situational committee" for the creation of a future Israeli municipality in Jewish parts of Jerusalem, and one of the purposes of this committee was to plan the formation of a police force in the area.

The basis for this force came from the 150-man Jewish component of a joint 300-man Arab-Jewish city police which the British had promulgated, and the initial Israeli police force for Jerusalem came into being on 18 May 1948. The force immediately dispensed with the "kolpak" hats worn till then, appropriated a different visored hat, and the emblem worn by this force was the badge presented here.

The planned strength of this force was 400, but difficulty obtaining the manpower kept the force small. Officers and sergeants received revolvers; corporals on duty received two, and the officer on duty received one. Ten rifles were set aside for mobile patrols - and all these weapons were budgeted 25 bullets each.

The Jerusalem police force existed as a separate entity from the Israel Police until August 1948, when it was absorbed into its ranks and adopted its uniform and insignia.

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