Rubber-stamp of Association of Former Jewish Policemen in Israel, c. 1950s
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Rare hand-stamp of the "Association of Former Jewish Policemen in Israel" ("Igud HaShotrim HaYehudiyim LeSheavar BeIsrael"); circa. 1950s: features Hebrew legend surmounting the old emblem of the Palestine Police ("PP"); metal stamp on square wooden block.

When the Israeli Police was founded on 14 May 1948 it inherited almost completely the legacy of British policing embodied by the now-disbanded Palestine Police - ranks, style of uniform, training and professional outlook; in 1958 the Israel Police underwent transformation, shedding most of its British traditions and adopting a more "Hebrew" style of work and appearance. In all likelihood this Association emblem relates to the period from 1948-57; little is known about the association and the present "Israeli Retired Policemen Association" was founded in 1969.

Size: 250mm wide x 260mm long x 240mm high; weight: 15.40g.

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