Israeli Army ordnance corps 10th anniversary commemoration token, 1961
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IDF Ordnance Corps ("Kheyl Khimush") 10th anniversary commemoration token, 1961; weight: 17.4g; size: 30mm. Uniface tallion with emblem of the Corps and legend "[month of] Tamuz 5721 - June 1961".

The Corps originally existed from 1941 as an ordnance "section" of the pre-State "Hagana" militia, assisting the underground armaments manufacturing 'industry' Ta'as with acquiring, adapting and hiding armanents; in 1948 the function became the "ordnance service" and during the War of Independence (1947-49) various ad-hoc "basic workshops" (or "batey melakha bsisiim") were created to re-service vehicles; in 1951 an actual ordnance corps of the IDF was established.

מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה מדליות מדליה מזכרות מזכרת יחידות יחידה הנצחה הוקרה צה"ל צה"לי צבא חימוש