Israeli Army tank corps momento tallion, circa. 1970s
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IDF Tank Corps ("Kheyl Shiryon") momento tallion, circa. 1970s; weight - 15.2g, size - 34.5mm: obverse depicts the emblem of the Tank Corps (written in the old style "Kheyl Shiryon" rather than "Kheyl HaShiryon"); on reverse the image of the Corp's insignia (black diagonal stripes on a green field).

This item comes from a collection of Israeli Army items from the period of the Yom Kippur War (1973), and in this context the Tank Corps earned especial distinction for the fact that it fought in the largest tank battles in history - with low supplies: on the Golan Heights against the Syrian Army, for instance, two IDF tank brigades (the 7th and 188th) held offand beat back two Syrian armored and three infantry divisions.

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