Israeli navy 1st Sergeant rank patch and dog tags, 1953-56
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Israeli naval insignia - rank patch and dog tags - belonging to First Sergeant Shlomo Zohar, 1953-56. Zohar participated in the Sinai Campaign of 1956 (see item 0020027.3), and in this lot are his rank patch and dog tags. The patch is the thick, woollen 3-striped insignia of a First Sergeant, along with the naval insignia punched on top - to distinguish him as a naval soldier. That central pin is held to the main patch with a metal bar between it's two hooks, and the whole patch was sewn onto Zohar's uniform. The accompanying photo is of Zohar, with his left-hand rank patch visible; the tip of the right-hand side patch (the one in this lot) is just visible in the background, protruding from his right sleeve.

Although the consignment comes from Zohar, details on the back of the photograph also confirm his personal military ID number to be that which is punched into the aluminum dog tag discs in this lot. The discs also give Zohar's blood-type ("B"). The dates on the rear of the photo are confusing though, as it is stamped Feb. 1965 even though the hand-written message is dated 1955 (which pre-dates the wearing of the Sinai Campaign ribbon of 1956 - which Zohar is wearing in the photograph). In all likelihood, the photograph is from 1956 - which, according to the written message, was taken in the northern city of Kiryat Ata. Wearing the "A" uniform (dress uniform as opposed to the "B" service uniform) of that time, Zohar is characteristically wearing the emblem of the Israel Defence Forces on both collars of that type of uniform.

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