Italian M-15 steel helmet shell, in dark green paint; circa. 1921-33
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Italian M-15 steel helmet, in dark green paint; circa. 1921-1933: based on the French Adrian helmet design, this is a post-World War I two-piece shell construction (the actual shell with crimped edge, and the separate air-vent piece), without double rivets on the side or holes on the front (there are two rivets spaced 3 centimeters apart, one above the other, on the front). The air-vent strip ends about one centimeter from the rear visor. The helmet is missing the liner though inside are visible the strap loops and rippled-metal liner supports. The helmet bears light wear and tear, with scratches and a few light dents but overall a lovely display piece.

מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה כסדה איטלקית מלהע"ם 1 צבא איטליה