Hat badge of 2nd Battalion of Jewish Brigade, 1944-45
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Jewish Brigade metal hat insignia badge, 1944-45; curved, with standard crude manufacture and long, slim slider on reverse; weight: 11.05 grams. Based on a design worn by the Palestine Regiment (1942-1943), badges of this style were worn by the 2nd Battalion of Jewish Brigade Group 1944-45 (which was composed of former Regiment members). The British firm J.R. Gaunt & Son was originally commissioned to produce these for the Palestine Regiment though their execution caused spelling mistakes in Hebrew and their general design angered the Jewish soldiers of the Regiment. Brigade-worn versions with the corrected Hebrew text look like crude local productions (this sample being somewhat better than most). Good detail visible, excellent condition and luster.


מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה סמלי סמל כובע ברט סיכות סיכה יחידות יחידה שירות זרוע אגף חיל פיקוד חולצה יהודי גדודים עבריים ראשון להיודה בריגדה לגיון רגימנט פלשתינה