Hat badge of the Mandatory Fire brigade (of the Jewish 'Yishuv')
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Metal cap badge of the Fire Brigade in the Palestine Mandate. The badge is nicely detailed, stamped curved metal piece stylized as 6-pointed star bearing the emblem of the fire and rescue services - a helmet superimposed on two crossed axes (the helmet bears a Star of David on its front). The reverse has a folded metal band soldiered to the badge and formed into a two-pronged 'pin'.

The fire rescue services of Israel find their origins in 1897, when, following a fire at his vineyards in Zichron Ya'akov, Baron Rothschild ordered the youth of the settlement to form a fire service. Fire prevention services [in the Jewish 'Yishuv' - community - of Palestine] were first officially created in Tel Aviv in 1925, on a volunteer basis, and then during the years until 1948 more volunteer fire brigades were raised in other Jewish cities and towns of the Mandate. In 1959 the Knesset formally established the guidelines for the organization and management of the country's fire services.

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