Jewish Brigade 2nd battalion assembly commemoration medal, 1971
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Jewish Brigade 2nd battalion assembly uniface commemoration medal, 1971; weight: 14.5g; size: 35g. Obverse bears square image of Israeli (i.e. Zionist) flag with Star of David and number "2" in center, with legend "Assembly of the 2nd Battalion, 1971".

The 2nd Battalion originates from the Brigade's precursor, the Palestine Regiment: the 2nd Battalion of the Regiment was formed in September 1942 from Eretz-Israel volunteers and assigned guard duties of installations first in Haifa Bay and later (1943) in Libya. However the lack of combat participation angered its members, and their demonstrations (known in local political-military lore as the "Struggle for the Flag and Symbol") of such led to the battalion's suspension from activities, though later (1943) it was reinstated and refitted for combat duties. When the Jewish Brigade was created in 1944, this battalion became its 2nd Battalion (of 3). In UNC.

מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה סמלי סמל כובע ברט סיכות סיכה יחידות יחידה שירות זרוע אגף חיל פיקוד חולצה יהודי גדודים עבריים ראשון להיודה בריגדה לגיון רגימנט פלשתינה