Jewish Brigade shoulder badge, 1944-45
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Israel - shoulder patch of the Jewish Brigade Group of the British Army, in the Second World War, 1944-45.

The Jewish Brigade's origins lie in the movement of Palestinian-Jewish volunteers who joined the British Army with the outbreak of the war. The volunteers initially enlisted in the 'East Kent Regiment' (the 'Buffs') in 1940, and fought in Greece. In August 1942, the British raised 3 battalions of Palestinian-Jewish volunteers who formed the 'Palestine Regiment' (whose hat-badge earned them the nickname 'Five Piastre Regiment' - owing to its similarity to the Palestinian coin) which fought in Egypt and north Libya. After much hesistation, the British government agreed to the formation of a larger Jewish unit of 5,000 men, which in September 1944 was established as the Jewish Brigade Group.

This formation fought in northern Italy from March to May, 1945; after the war it was based neard the border between Italy, Austria and Yugoslavia, where its members played a key role in the clandestine immigration of Jewish refugees to Palestine. In July, the brigade was transferred to Belgium and then to the Netherlands, and in the summer of 1946 it was disbanded. The wartime combat experience accumulated by its men proved invaluable during Israel's war of independence two years later. The insignia of the Brigade consisted of this shoulder flash (bearing three Hebrew letters in the form of an abbreviation, which can either be read as the word "Khayal" - 'Soldier', or as the abbreviation for "Kheyl" - meaning 'Force', 'Corps' or 'Army'), together with a square blue-and-white patch bearing a golden Star of David.

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