'Kadima' cap badge of '1st Judean Battalion', 1919
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Eretz Israel - beautiful cap badge of the "1st Judean Battalion" (in Hebrew, 'Ha Gdud Ha Rishon Le Yehuda'), 1919.

The Battalion was a post-World War I formation of Jewish volunteers, former soldiers in the wartime (1917-18) Jewish Battalions (the 38th, 39th and 40th Royal Fusiliers - commonly called the 'Jewish Legion'), particularly of the 40th Battalion of Eretz Israel volunteers. Though the Menorah (Jewish candelabra) emblem was the symbol of the Jewish Legion, it only became a uniform emblem in 1919 with the creation of the 1st Judean Battalion, and the Battalion served guard duties in Palestine from 1919-1921, until it was disbanded.

This emblem is manufactured in the standard British Army style, with a flat 'slider' on the reverse; weight: 6.90g; it is not marker-marked, and is of the variety with a bell-shaped base on the Menorah (others have a base with flater sides). The Hebrew text on the scroll at the base says "Kadima" ('Forward').

מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה סמלי סמל כובע ברט סיכות סיכה יחידות יחידה שירות זרוע אגף חיל פיקוד חולצה יהודי גדודים עבריים ראשון להיודה בריגדה לגיון רגימנט פלשתינה