Lot x3 Polish military documents of Jewish citizen, 1934-45
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Lot of 3 Polish military documents, 1934-35. A 4-page reservist mobilization card, an 8-page military instruction booklet and a hard-bound military booklet issued to Ischok Kramers (son of Nuchim - Nachum? - and Marjanna - possibly non-Jewish mother) of Kostopol. The documents identify Ischok as a Jew, born 29 April 1907, with military qualifications as a gunner, who was on active duty from March 1930 to September 1934, and partaking in military exercises in August-September 1933. His booklet also indicates that he was issued with a tunic, pants, a coat, shoes, a "Czapka" (Polish military hat), and a gas mask. His reservist mobilization card was issued in September 1934, and Ischok would have reported to the barracks of the 50th Infantry Regiment ("Pulku Piechoty") in the locality of Kowlu. According to the notes in his military booklet, Ischok moved to Palestine in June 1935, and registered himself with the Polish Consulate in Tel Aviv again in September of that year. A unique glimpse at the Jewish experience in an army that prevented many Jews from joining and later fighting. In well-preserved condition, though the hard-bound booklet is a bit loose.

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