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Extremely Rare "Eretz Israel Volunteers Medal", 1918: issued to Jewish volunteers from Palestine-Eretz Israel on the eve of their departure to join the Jewish Battalions (i.e. the Jewish Legion;...

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Jewish Brigade decoration: small rectangular Badge for Service with the British forces in World War II. Awarded to every soldier who served in the Jewish Brigade of the British Army for a minimum...

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"Volunteers" service ribbon, with safety-pin back; weight: 3.3g. This ribbon was instituted in 1961 and awarded to: volunteers in the Jewish Battalions of the First World War,  residents of...

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Jewish Brigade 1st battalion commemoration medal for Israel's 25th anniversary, 1973; weight: 17.4g; size: 34.5g. Uniface medal bearing emblem of the 1st battalion (with 1 red bar under square flag...

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Jewish Brigade 2nd Battalion uniface commemoration medal, 1969; struck in silvered bronze(?); no makers mark, though possibly made by Shbitelnick and Baratz of Tel Aviv (ref: WMR 37D #804); weight:...

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Cloth shoulder patch of the Jewish Brigade (1944-46): as worn by Private Eliyahu Brigel; size: 5.3cm x 5cm.The Brigade was a unit of the British Army, which served with the 8th Army in Northen Italy...

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Jewish/Eretz-Israel Soldiers "Tripoli League" sports competition medal, 1943-44, Libya(?); struck in brass; no makers mark; weight: 24.4g; size: 35mm.Generic medal inscribed "Tripoli League Champions...

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