Jewish Brigade 2nd Battalion commemoration medal, 1969
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Jewish Brigade 2nd Battalion uniface commemoration medal, 1969; struck in silvered bronze(?); no makers mark, though possibly made by Shbitelnick and Baratz of Tel Aviv (ref: WMR 37D #804); weight: 94.2g; size: 60mm. Obverse depicts emblem of the 2nd Battalion with dates 1939 and 1969 and legend "The Jewish Combat Brigade Second Battalion".

The medal probably commemorates the 30th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War rather than of the battalion itself, as the 2nd battalion was originally established in 1942; its origins derive from Eretz-Israel volunteers in the East Kent "Buffs" regiment - but thst force dates to 1940. In UNC, with lacquered surface; JTM-MM-13.

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