WWII Jewish/Palestine Soldiers 'Tripoli League' brass medal, 1943-44, Libya(?)
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Jewish/Eretz-Israel Soldiers "Tripoli League" sports competition medal, 1943-44, Libya(?); struck in brass; no makers mark; weight: 24.4g; size: 35mm.

Generic medal inscribed "Tripoli League Champions Knock-out Competition 1943-44 Runners Up." surrounded by laurel; on reverse blank planchet with rope device frame - probably inscribed with the names of the finalists (as opposed to the runners up).

Most likely from Libya: although a volunteer anti-aircraft battery manned by Jews from Palestine was stationed in Tripoli, Lebanon, these were transferred to Cyprus in 1943; by contrast many Jews serving in a myriad of all-Palestinian units reached Libya in 1943 and its for these troops that such a medal was probably created.

Among the units were the "148th Water Transport Company", the "462nd Transport Company", the "1039th Port Operating Company, Royal Engineers", the "179th G.T. Company, Royal Army Service Corps". The Eretz Israel "Jewish Soldiers Welfare Association" organized clubs and social events for Jewish soldiers serving outside Palestine and made especial efforts to connect these events to the local Jewish communities of which the Libyan was quite large, and probably in this framework such a "Tripoli League" competition existed. In VF.