pre-Israel supplementary Police ('Noter') military training manual
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"Noter" (Hebrew constable/supplementary Police) training manual: "Application of Fire" ("Matan Esh ve'Shimusha"), 1937. A Hebrew translation of one of a series of English-language military training manuals used by the British Army.

This is booklet "B" of the series on "Small Arms Training", published by "La'Noter" ("For the 'Noter'") publishers and printed by M. Sokhovolsky press in Haifa, 1937; hardcover with 48 pages, including diagrams; "For the Use of Supplementary Police" ("Shotrim Musafim", as written in Hebrew). Imprinted with the price (50 Mils) on the back cover. The cover is mostly loosened from the folio of pages, with some signs of water damage on the front cover, but all the pages are clean, intact and well bound together.

The Jewish "Supplementary Police" (in any of its various names, known collectively in Hebrew as the "Notrim") was a legally approved Jewish armed force as of 1936, funded partially by the Palestine Mandatory authorities and also by the Jewish Agency for Palestine. Part of the Agency's assistance came in the form of these translated British training manuals. These were again published in 1939, 1942-43 and even as late as 1948 - twice, before the establishment of the IDF and also after. Most of the manuals in these series' are softback, making the hardback issues scarcer to find.

מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה מסמכים ניירת תעודות תעודה אישורים צבאית צה"ל ספרים חוברת חוברות יהודי גדודים עבריים ראשון להיודה בריגדה לגיון רגימנט מנדט משטרת משטרה ביטחון נוטר נוטרים פלשתינה