Jewish Units & Palestine Mandate Militaria


Wooden police truncheon, Palestine; with bolted leather strap and handle-grips formed out of the truncheon's base. Used by the Palestine Police and British army in preserving order. מילות...

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0010009 a-eretz-israel-palestine-mandate-palestine-police-brass-cap-badge

Cap badge of the Palestine Police, 1920's-40's. This is the silver-finished version of brass badge, with the long, flat hook on the back for insertion into a cap (in the standard British style of hat...

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0110041 a-eretz-israel-ppg-palestine-police-gendermerie-uniform-breeches-pants

Rare Palestine Police Gendarmerie (PPG) breeches, circa. 1920-1926: an excellently preserved set of dark blue and purple pants reinforced along the inside-facing lengths of the pant legs to make them...

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0010010 a-eretz-israel-palestine-mandate-palestine-police-black-cap-badge

Cap badge of the Palestine Police, 1920's-40's. This is the black-finished lightweight metal badge, with two copper-colored prongs on either side of the badge at back (a pin would hook through them...

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