Palestine Police Gendarmerie (PPG) breeches, circa. 1920-1926
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Rare Palestine Police Gendarmerie (PPG) breeches, circa. 1920-1926: an excellently preserved set of dark blue and purple pants reinforced along the inside-facing lengths of the pant legs to make them breeches worn above jack boots and made suitable for horse-riding (i.e. cavalry). The pants are made of thick, coarse corduroy-like fabric, well tailored and stitched, and stamped inside above the lining of the left pocket with the Gendarmerie emblem of a horizontal diamond featuring the Royal Crown above the initials "PPG"; on the rear are the remains of a paper tag - possibly that of the manufacturer. The pants feature tall belt loops (for webbing), a button-down fly, two front slit pockets, reinforced back construction and extension swatches of purple fabric around the leg cuffs (for extra width). The breeches are near mint, with only the very lightest wear along the leg cuffs (the anomalies in the photos are from shadows in the poor light) and no wear at all along the waistline; all the buttons missing - standard dark brown British-styled buttons with a dip in the center and "+" styled stitching in the middle - however it may be deliberate as the threads to hold the buttons are tied into knots, and it may be that these pants were a surplus piece. 

Although the Palestine Police existed from 1920 to 1948, the Gendarmerie was short-lived, existing side by side with the "British Gendarmerie" in Eretz Israel/Palestine and both being disbanded in 1926; their members afterward transfering either to the Palestine Police itself or to the newly created Transjordan Frontier Force.

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