Norwegian 'Control Service' badge of Quisling's Labour Service
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'Kontroll Befal' - Control (police) Service badge of the Norwegian Labor Service ('Arbeids-tjenesten'), or the 'AT'. Similar to the trend in other German-occupied European countries, a national 'Labor Service' was established in September 1940 along the lines of the German State Labor Service (Reichs Arbeits Dienst - RAD) under the auspicies of the collaborating - Quisling - government.

Though an unarmed body, the AT was organized and run along military lines: its members wore Norwegian military-styled uniforms and Finnmark hats, with military-styled insignia and even military campaign ribbons were worn. The AT had guards to protect its camps, and a special police service ('Kontroll Befal') helped keep order in the organization. This is a gilt broach / badge, featuring the AT's emblem in the center; in excellent condition and previously of the Col. Dodkins collection.

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