Norwegian 'Frontkjemper' (Front Fighters) badge (replacement?) in zinc
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Norwegian 'Frontkjemper' (Front Fighters) badge in zinc. This badge was instituted by the Quisling government in October 1943 and issued to all Norwegian volunteers who saw active service on the eastern front, primarily in the ranks of the Norwegian Legion, Police companies, Norwegian Ski Battalion and the Grenadier-Regiment "Norge", all of the Waffen-SS.

The badge was awarded in one 'silver' class, though two versions exist - one for male receipients (this example) and another for females. In the course of the war, zinc surplus, pattern and replacement pieces were manufactured and this piece in zinc appears to be a late-war issue of one of these types.

The badge is not maker-marked (the silver issues are stamped '830S'). Its surface on front and back is smooth, with no rough or unfinished edges, or seam-lines along the edge (i.e. there are no signs of counterfeiting). The reverse of the viking's shield is curved as it should be, and the hinge and safety-hook on the reverse are as they should, although the thin pin on the badge is clearly not the correct type.

The pin may have been a replacement for the original, which would have been a broad and flat 'bar'. The number '132' is lightly scratched on the top-right segment of the frame on the reverse. A very nice piece in excellent condition.

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