Old IDF officer battledress shoulder strap ranks (x2) c.1948-1950s
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2 sets of Israeli Defence Force (IDF) shoulder strap ranks for a Captain ("Seren"), circa. 1948-early 1950s: one set, with stitched cloth tabs is for service/combat uniforms (known in Army parlance as "madei bet" - "B" uniforms), and another set with metal tabs (and two pronged backs) for wear on dress uniforms ("madei alef"). The fabric of the cloth sliders varies between the service and dress versions, and the service color is olive green while the dress uniform slider is khaki. Over time the shoulder strap ranks have become simpler and less 'invested', now being simple plain olive green printed bars on a cloth slider or simple metal bars all joined together. Of these early types, particularly the metal emblems, some have milled edges and others (like these) don't - but they do have raised borders along the edge. Scarce.

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