Palmach 'Yiftach Brigade' War of Independence commem. medal, c. 1948-49
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Palmach "Yiftach" Brigade commemoration medal (ND), circa. 1948-49; struck in silver(?); no makers mark; weight: 25.5g; size: 35mm. Obverse depicts the emblem of the Palmach with legend below "Yiftach Brigade Palmach"; on reverse a stylization of the word "Yiftach" under image of crowded town (maybe Tsfat or Tiberias - two of the several cities liberated by the force), with Brigade's motto above and names of two operations "Danny" and "Yoav".

The 11th Yiftach Brigade was established in April 1948 but operated initially as two separate battalions in the north-east Galillee under the command of Yigal Allon (the overall commander of the Palmach). Having participated in a large operation called "Yiftach", when the Brigade itself was established it bore the name of the operation. In June the unit was transferred to the center of the country and participated in "Yoram", "Danny" and "Yoav" - although Yoram in particular is not mentioned on this medal and hence its early estimated date. In VF-EF.

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