Pre-State Israeli made steel helmet for 'Magen David Adom', c.1940-42
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Rare pre-State Israeli made steel helmet for "Magen David Adom" (the Jewish equivalent of the Red Cross organization), circa. 1940-42. This is a metal helmet formed from a single pressed piece of metal, in a design similar to the American Brodie / British Mk II helmets but without a crimped edge. Relatively invested in its manufacture, the helmet bears a comfortable thick padded crown, with light green leather sweatbands and a brown leather chin-cord with the factory's name ("Pleese Ltd." - 'Brass', in Hebrew - located in the city of Holon, south of Tel Aviv) imprinted in Hebrew and in English letters. The strap loops are held in place by Canadian-styled split-rivets. The front of the helmet bears a red Star of David on a round white background with the medical unit number in the center, and has a dark green paint finish (missing in places) to the surface. The helmet also has a top bolt bearing the name "Crescar Ltd." Overall in excellent condition. The chin cord however is broken at the center (under the top bolt), though it's all held in place, and the liner is a little loose.

Eretz-Israeli made steel helmets were used during the Second World War and after, in the War of Independence, especially in homefront capacities - medical aid (as in this case) and air defence forces (the Hebrew "Haga", the equivalent of the English "ARP" Air Raid Precaution organization) through these are extremely difficult to come by in any condition. These helmets also do not bear any other maker's marks (i.e. stamped on the inside of the helmet's metal) as on British/American made examples. The factory which made these helmets, Pleese Ltd., also bears the distinction for being the firm which produced the 25 Mils coin series of 1948 - independent Israel's first coin.

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