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Emblem pin of "Sayeret Givati" (elite reconnaisance) unit of the Givati Brigade, size: 2.5 x 1.5cm; weight: 1.3g. The Givati Brigade was resurrected in 1983 along with its elite reconnaisance unit,...

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Emblem pin of the 50th [airdropped] Battalion of the Nahal Brigade, size: 1.65 x 1.9cm; weight: 1.8g. The 50th "basalt" battalion began as the 88th Airdropped battalion of the Nahal, and was part of...

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Jewish Brigade 'Giyus' (enlistment) pin: stylized badge formed of a square blue face on round gray backing, with a stylized Hebrew letter "Gimmel" ('G') formed from the back stroke of the "Gimmel"...

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Etzioni Brigade "Defender of Jerusalem" variant badge, circa. 1948; weight: 3.4g. A solid-back badge with safety-pin reverse (typical of Israeli badges of that time). Though not documented in...

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Rare khaki first version of the Israeli Army 'Hitelmacher' hat bearing the IDF metal insignia badge, circa. 1948. Of the two major varieties produced, this is the earlier, American-made issue in...

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0010091 a-waffen-ss-flemish-volunteer-legion-langemark-armshield-patch

Belgium: armshield badge of Flemish (Belgian) volunteers in the Flemish Volunteer Legion of the Waffen-SS, 1941-43. This is the seldomly encountered thick, woven version of the sleeve shield (with...

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French Israeli Six Day War commemorative medal, 1967; struck in silver (marked 999 on rim); no artist/maker mark; weight: 13.1g; size: 33mm: obverse depicts flag of Israel with sword and olive branch...

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Germany - Spanish Volunteer ("Blue") Division 'Bravery and Commemorative Medal', circa 1944-45. This medal was instituted by the Third Reich government in recognition of the Spanish volunteers who...

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German World War I prisoner of war camp permit card - a permit card regarding the Russian inmate ("interpreter and book-binder, Gilarovski; number 50155") - probably the soldier pictured on the...

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Alexandroni Brigade 25th anniversary conference commemoration medal, 1973: struck in nickel; no maker mark; weight - 35.65g; size - 44.5mm. Obverse depicts a British mk III helmet set against the...

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Carmeli brigade conference medal, signed: special medal issued [to Eliyahu Brigel] to commemorate an assembly of veterans celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Carmeli Brigade's operations Haifa...

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Etzioni Brigade 20th anniversary conference, 1968; struck in tombak; no makers mark; weight - 32.5g; size - 45mm. Obverse depicts the emblem of the "Defender of Jerusalem" (an award issued to those...

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Givati infantry Brigade liberation of Ashkelon / Israel's 20th Anniversary commemoration medal, 1968: struck in silvered tombak; no maker mark; weight: 28.75g; size: 38mm. Obverse bears the Givati...

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Golani Infantry Brigade 20 year commemoration medal, 1968; struck in silvered tombak(?); no maker mark; weight: 26.55g; size: 35mm. Obverse depicts sword intertwined with flame above overturned...

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Golani Infantry Brigade 25 year commemoration and Israel Independence anniversary numbered medal, 1973; struck in silvered tombak(?) by the Shekel medal company; weight: 93.7g; size: 58.5mm. Obverse...

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