Service pin of 'Carmel Brigade' of the pre-IDF Haganah, c.1948-49
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Service pin of the "Carmel Brigade", 1948. The Brigade originated as one of 6 regular 'Hagana' brigades created with the informal outbreak of the Israeli War of Independence in November 1947. This specific brigade, the 2nd Brigade was designated the "Levanoni" (i.e. Lebanon) Brigade (also known as the "Northern" Brigade), and commanded by Moshe Carmel with responsibility for defence in the area northwards from the town of Zichron Yaakov.

At the end of February 1948, "Levanoni" was split into 2 brigades - "Golani" and "Carmeli", the latter being assigned the region of Western Galilee, Haifa and the Carmel mountain. It comprised the 21st-24th battalions composed of area residents, Technion students, and members of the pre-State 'National Guard' ("Mishmar Ha'am") - in total 2,238 soldiers, first commanded by Moshe Carmel and then by the future, 3rd Chief of Staff, Mordechai Makleff. The Brigade took part in all the operations in this area during the War, including the capture of Haifa and former British basis in the region. After the war the Brigade became a reserve unit in the IDF.

This pin depicts the emblem of the Brigade - the Carmel mountain by seaside with the sunset, and the reserve is a safety pin. Not maker marked; weight: 1.95g. Interestingly it is inscribed "The Carmel Brigade" (Khativat HaCarmel) instead of by its common name Khativat "Carmeli". Nice toning with light oxydation on the top right corner.


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