'Signal' German WWII propaganda magazine, French ed. 9, May 1941
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"Signal" - the German wartime propaganda magazine, French edition 9, 1st issue for May 1941. Issued toward's Germany's zenith in World War II, this issue features a cover shot of two airmen and Knight's Cross holders in the North African desert. Articles include Japanese Foreign Minister Matsuoka's visit to Berlin, remeniscences of General Schekoff, who commanded the Bulgarian army in the First World War; German cultural color photos in the center-fold; women in homefront supporting roles; a swipe at large American aircraft design; inside views of a German tank production plant; and interesting views of civilian homefront life - in color photos.There are also many interesting advertisements, including one for German military uniforms (and in the spirit of the Wehrmacht's successes - the Army (as opposed to the Waffen-SS) is proudly featured in the picture).

"Signal" was the Third Reich's sophisticated version of America's "Life" magazine, aimed largely at the foreign readership of Germany's occupied territories - and translated and distributed as such (see the front cover's long list of countries in it's distribution). The photo-journalistic magazine presented a restrained view of the Reich Government's official ideological line, aiming to win the hearts and minds of citizens in occupied Europe and beyond, and ran from 1940 to 1945. In very fine condition, with some brittling of the page edges and spine.

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