Star of David shoulder patch of the Jewish Brigade, 1944-46
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Cloth shoulder patch of the Jewish Brigade (1944-46): as worn by Private Eliyahu Brigel; size: 5.3cm x 5cm.

The Brigade was a unit of the British Army, which served with the 8th Army in Northen Italy (1944-45), and later, after the war, in France and Belgium.

These emblems were a unique concession by the British as they were the first ever emblem worn by Palestinian-Jewish units which displayed a form of the Zionist flag (today's Israeli flag) - a solid expression of national identity as separate from the British symbols. Although these flag patches appear in various forms due to different manufacturers, they were always worn on the upper left sleeve of the battledress tunic and surmounted by a shoulder flash reading "Jewish Brigade Group" (in Hebrew: "Khativa Yehudit Lochemet" - Combat Jewish Brigade) which also appear in a few different forms themselves due to different manufacturing sources.

The actual significance of the Brigade was ultimately due less to acquired combat experience and more to its vital role in assisting Jewish refugees: publicly giving them moral and physical support, and covertly, facilitating their escape from Europe and (illegal) immigration into Palestine (a movement called the "Bricha" - escape). Members of the Brigade on their own initiative also tracked down specific war criminals and their collaborators and killed them.

Enclosed are duplicates of photographs of Eliyahu Brigel from his period in the Brigade.

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