Syrian Order of the Palestine Campaign ('Palestine Medal'), 1948
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Syria: Order of the Palestine Campaign ("Palestine Medal"), 1948; struck in bronze with green enamel; weight: 22g.

A single piece medal depicting "greater Palestine" across both side of the Jordan River (though the contours are poorly shaped) and key cities dotted on the image (Jerusalem, Nazareth, Tulkarem and Gaza), with icons of a Christian Church and an Islamic Crescent Moon above; legend says "1948" and "Palestine"; surrounded by green olive(?) leaves.

This medal was instituted in 1951 and issued in one class for service in the conflict, but does exist in two versions: this version has a tallion loop with a red-white-red ribbon; the other version has a two-pronged pin on reverse and a red-black-red ribbon. Some accounts say this medal was also issued posthumously, and it is possible that the type with the black striped ribbon was issued for that purpose.

In the 1948-49 Arab-Israeli War, Syrian forces initially fought in the southern tip of the Sea of Galillee and later further north around the area of the Golan heights. In EF-UNC.

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