Tallion of 52nd battalion, Givati Brigade, War of Independence c. 1949-50
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Tallion of the 52nd battalion of the Givati Brigade, circa. 1949-50; size: 2.9 x 3.25cm; weight: 3.3g. The banner at the base bears the legend "Ha Bokim" (the 'breakthroughers').

The battalion was formed in November 1947 from "field company" units of the Hagana from Rechovot and Rishon LeZion, and initially as a reprisal force against local Arabs who had attacked Jews. Among its assignments was the protection of supply convoys to beseiged Jerusalem; it later achieved distinction for temporarily capturing Latrun.

Among its unusual distinctions it built 3 armored cars for itself using its own funds and resources, purchased its own weapons and explosives, supplied itself with fuel and acquired three jeeps from British deserters.

The battalion earned its nickname from the success it achieved capturing strategic heights from Egyptian forces in the Negev.