UN-Palestine 'Truce Supervision Organization' Medal w/'Jerusalem' clasp
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United Nations / Palestine: "United Nations Truce Supervision Organization" UNTSO Medal with "Jerusalem" clasp, ND; struck in bronze; weight: 25.9g.

Obverse depicts the United Nations emblem and letters "UN" above; on reverse the legend "In the Service of Peace".

The UNTSO was established in June 1948 to assist the United Nations Mediator (Swedish Count Folke Bernadote, who was subsequently assassinated) and the Truce Commission in supervising the truce in Palestine called for by the Security Council. The UNTSO was initially headquartered in Cairo, and soon thereafter relocated to Haifa which was still in British control, in late June 1948.

The Haifa headquarters was evacuated and UNTSO evacuated from Israel when fighting renewed there (after the 1st ceasefire), but UN peacekeeping forces returned to Israel in late July 1948, and the headquarters for UNTSO was finally established in the former High Commissioner's house in Jerusalem, "Government House", in October 1948 where it has remained since. This medal may date from this timeframe.

UNTSO now also has offices in Beirut and Damascus, and has since fulfilled several roles, including the observation of the cease-fire in the Suez Canal area and the Golan Heights following the Arab-Israeli war of June 1967, assisting with the Disengagement Observation Force (UNDOF) between Israel and Syria and the Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

This medal was instituted in 1951 to recognise the service of the military observers supervising the truce between Israel and Jordan, and six months of service are required to qualify for the medal. Sources indicate that very few clasps have ever been worn with United Nations medals, and the "Jerusalem" clasp as shown here is not mentioned in UN literature as one of the standard types available for this medal; judging by the good quality of the medal's manufacture and the clasp, it may date from 1951 to the mid 1950's. In EF-UNC.

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