US WWI M1917 Brodie helmet, US 3rd Division of A.E.F. w/emblem
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American M1917 Brodie steel helmet of the US 3rd Division of the American Expeditionary Forces (A.E.F.) in World War I (Dagnas et. al., Casques Vol I., p. 232-3). This is the US-made version of the British type 'B' version of the helmet, with a crimped metal rim and rough finish on a matte surface, and the standard leather and canvas web liner and leather chin-strap, with rubber cushioning on the sides but no rubber 'donut' cushion on the top of the liner (as on a British-made helmet). This helmet bears the emblem of the Third (Marne) Division, painted on a sanded-off patch of the helmet front. This division fought in Chateau Thierry, Argonne, at the Meuse, and at the Rhine in France.

מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה כסדה אמריקאית מלהע"ם 1 צבא ארה"ב