Veteran's(?) pin of 1st battalion Kiryati Brigade, circa. 1950s-60s
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Veteran's(?) pin of 1st battalion Kiryati Brigade, circa. 1950s-60s; size: 1 x 3.1cm; weight: 1g.

The brigade was formed in Tel Aviv in February 1948, after the Givati brigade was reassigned from the city. Kiryati was initially composed of 3 battalions (42nd, 43rd, 44th), and later received a fourth, the 142nd; it fought in Jaffa and liberated the city, it was later assigned to protect the beach perimeter at the time of the 'Altalena' ship affair - and the soldiers abandoned their posts, refusing to participate. Ben-Gurion's son, Amos, was the commander of the 43rd battalion.

This pin, similar in design to those made for Jewish Brigade veterans, displays the Kiryati brigade's emblem and bears likewise an extra 'bar' below it - indicating a "1st battalion". As the Brigade earned its distinction particularly during the War of Independence - and in light of the pin's period design - that single bar probably refers to a veteran of the 42nd (i.e. "first") battalion of the brigade.