x3 Israeli Army 'Ba Machaneh' magazines, 1949-52 incl. Mickey Marcus cover
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Set of 3 old Israeli Army (IDF) soldiers' magazine issues of "Ba'machane" ('In the Camp' - "The Newspaper of the Soldiers of Israel"), 1949-52. The first issue (16 June 1949) commemorates one year to the death of David 'Mickey' Marcus. David Marcus was an American West Point graduate and former commander of the Ranger School who came to Israel at Ben Gurion's invitation to help train, organize and lead the new Israel Defense Forces in the War of Independence (1947-49). Marcus succeeded in a manner that turned him into the first Israeli general in nearly 2,000 years. Ben Gurion called him "the best man we had", and in tribute to his services the army magazine dedicated an issue to him.

On the cover he is referred to as "The commander, D. M. Marcus". Inside there is a biographical article on Marcus, highlighting his contributions to the IDF, as well as a personal recollection written by the then Chief of Staff, Ya'akov Dori, in which he writes: "I had the privilige of meeting Col. Marcus many times in the course of his short service in Israel. He was my most trustworthy advisor in many instances. I admired his judgment, his ingenuity, and the inspiration which came from his arguments. In these personal qualities and in his realistic approach to military problems he contributed greatly to the completion of the Israeli war machine." There is also an article on a monument to soldiers of the War of Independence (which ended 3 months earlier, in March 1949), a piece on students (i.e. demobilized soldiers) returning to studies at the Terre Santa Franciscan school, plus columns on art, sport, chess - and pictures of the week (of soldiers, Arab residents, and even a woman receiving one of the first austerity period ['Tzena'] ration booklets. The back cover features a bare-chested female(?) sunbather. Nice period-piece graphic advertisements, too.

The second issue (29 June 1950) features the Nachal (soldier-pioneer/farmer) infantry brigade moving out into the wilderness (to help establish communities). Characteristically the cover photo is of a female sergeant (illustrating the equality between males and females in the Army). The issue opens with photo of the opening of a forest to commemorate the Soviet victory in the Second World War. There is a background piece on the Korean War; an article on the military agreement of the Arab League; a photo-article on the visit of British Admiral (of the Mediterranean Fleet) Sir Johan Adelsten; a piece on lessons of spying in the Second World War; and the usual columns and graphic adverts, including letters from soldiers. The back cover features a photo of the American entertainer Eddie Cantor in the company of IDF soldiers.

The third issue (24 April 1952) is from a period where the magazine contains more content, and more detached observations of issues. It covers "Operation 600", the final physical tests of 600 graduates of the Officers school who subsequently rejoined the ranks of the IDF. Many nice photos of foreign military observers, IDF equipment and Ben Gurion among the boys. The paper includes photo reminiscences of events in 1947 and 1948 ("today in history"), pieces on preparations for the upcoming Independence Day celebrations, something on officers and soldiers studying economics and law at night; a survey of news from other foreign armies including the results of the American war maneuvers "Long Ram Horn", the battles on the border to Pakistan and India, a new American rifle to replace the "Garant". There are also assorted news surveys from around the world and specifically on the Arab states. There's a piece about the country focusing on its stamp treasures at the second national stamp exhibition, and a second part to a series on "Secrets of the British Censor".

Bamachane was first launched by the pre-State Jewish defense force "Haganah" ('Defense') in December 1934, and the paper (now 64 pages long) is now the country's oldest weekly. Nostalgic with interesting, rarely seen pictures of Army insignia and equipment. The first two issues have frayed edges, some tears and loose pages; the last issue is solid.

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