x7 Visit permits issued by Ministry Interior w/IDF cachets, 1976-77
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A lot of of 7 "Visiting Permits" of the Interior Ministry issued by the Israeli Army to Arab residents of the occupied territories, 1976-77. These 7 permits were issued by various local military and civil authorities in cities in the West Bank and the Gaza strip between December 1976 and January 1977. The documents bear interesting stamps, including entry stamps for Allenby Bridge, Adam Bridge, Metulla Crossing and Ben Gurion airport; and local authorization stamps from the civil authority of Gaza (city), the military government of Dir al-Balach, the military representation in Ramallah, the military command in Hebron and also in Bethlehem. One document also bears 12 "Zahal" (Israel Defence Forces) military revenue stamps (Bale W.Rev.38), which were used since 1967 in the occupied territories for collecting transit fees (see lot 0010066). All pictures are represented in the order just described. An interesting documentary and philatelic lot, in Very Fine condition.

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