Yom Kippur War 'Maariv' newspaper, 15 Oct. 1973
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Israeli "Ma'ariv" newspaper wartime edition for Yom Kippur War: the 15 October 1973 Monday edition, on the 9th day of the war; 12 pages long. Occuring the same day but not yet appearing in the day's papers was the Israeli ground operation which effectively turned the tide of the war in her favor until the end - Operation Valiant ("Abirey Lev" in Hebrew), Israel's counter-attack against the Egyptians in the Sinai and the crossing of the Suez canal; the operation in which Ariel Sharon gained fame. This edition opens with uncharacteristically open reports about Israel's casualties, 656 soldiers dead so far (it took the defense minister, Moshe Dayan, two days from the outbreak of the war - October 8th - to publicly admit the heavy losses the army was sustaining).

Other headlines read: "New York Times: Israel's air superiority diminished"; "25 Egyptian sea vessels sunk overnight in Israeli navy attack on Suez". Other stories from inside include an article on the death of IDF Gen. Albert Mandler, commander of the 252 Sinai Division, by Egyptian artillery fire (he was killed on the 13th); Israeli forces 30 kilometers away from Damascus; Egypt leaves 200 tanks and 1000 dead after 7 hour tank battle with Israel. More noteworthy in this edition are actually the emergency notices: a whole page devoted to hotlines for soldiers from various municipalities and areas of the country - from Netanya and Ashdod to Kibbutz Afikim and Arad; a "special concert" featuring Isaac Stern by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and the Israel Broadcasting Authority; another special concert by the Israeli Classical Ensemble featuring Pinchas Zuckerman; also an editorial cartoon by the cartoonist 'Dosh' (Kariel Gardosh). The paper is in very good condition, though with two tears on the upper left corner of the front page; vertical and horizontal folds.

מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה מסמכים ניירת תעודות תעודה אישורים צבאית צה"ל ספרים חוברת חוברות