1948 Interim and Doar Ivri Philately


"Otzar Ha'am" Jerusalem siege revenue stamps (1948), complete set (Bale 1-5), MNH. Catalogue value: $125.

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0133478 redo

Doar Ivri error: 10 mils with double horizontal perforation (Ba W-FCV163) on gray paper issue Ba 3a; MNH

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Nahariya Local - 1 (emergency post issue, 25 April 1948): complete set of rouletted tete-beche 8-pc sheets of 10m, 20m and 50m (Bale 108-110), clean fresh. מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות דואר מעטפות מנהלת...

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0134031 a

Lot x12 interim covers & postcards + 10 cancelled stamps on sheet (mostly high denominations), all of philatelic origin; includes some red overprints, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givatayim and Haifa...

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Item code: 0134031

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Rishon LeZion armoured car local issue 40 mils perforated with upper gutter (Ba 122); MNH (ungummed), folded lightly along perforationR

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Item code: 0133495

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Cutout of Mandate 3m overprinted by interim Afula rubber-stamped emergency post mark and tied by Afula Minhelet Haam postmark. If legimiately used, 3 mils was the going inland rate for private and...

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Item code: 0133492

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Doar Ivri, 1948 - 6pc set of tabbed low Mils series 3m-50m (Bale 1-6); mint unhinged  מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות דואר עברי מעטפות תש"ח תוית תויות קק"ל קום המדינה מלחמת השחרור חירום נהריה

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Israel - set of 4 "Doar Ivri" (Hebrew Post), high value Mils issue, 1948 (Bale 7-9). The lot includes 3 mint, unhinged 250, 500 and 1000 Mils stamps, plus one cancelled 250 Mils piece. The 1000 Mils,...

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Item code: 0010041

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0134014 a

Pair Doar Ivri 10m tab and paper varieties: Ba 3b wrong tab (on gray paper) & Ba 3a correct tab on gray paper; MNH

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Item code: 0134014

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Doar Ivri FDC: official large first day cover franked by full set of 3-1000 Mils stamps with full tabs and tied by 2 first day slogans "Tel Aviv 16.5.1948" and "First Day Hebrew Post" (in Hebrew)...

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Item code: 0080048

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Doar Ivri high values counterfeit set of forged stamps, MNH

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Item code: 0133501

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Doar Ivri official publicity leaflet pane issued by the Philatelic Service: No. 0557 (out of 4000 issued); ungummed on white glazed paper.

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Item code: 0133535

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Israel - set of 5 Postage due 1st issue "Doar Ivri" (Hebrew Post), 1948. Bale PD1-PD5; cancelled, no gum, lightly hinged מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות דואר עברי מעטפות תש"ח תוית תויות קק"ל קום המדינה...

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Item code: 0010042

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Doar Ivri variety: double vertical tabbed strip of x3 3m 10x11 perf with double perforation Ba FCV161 (and shifted perforation), MNH

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Item code: 0134016

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0133452 a

x3 block of rouletted Doar Ivri 3m, 5m and 10 mils issued (Ba 1c-3c) + block 3m perf 11x11 (ba 1), MNH

Sales price: $12.00
Item code: 0133452

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