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Danish West Indies pre-paid postcard for 3 Cents, circa 1870-1902. Text and stamp in carmine-rose color; stamp has thick inverted frame. Uniface, in crisp unused condition. מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות...

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German World War I prisoner of war camp post - a postcard from a Miss Giesaroshskaya in Vilna (presumably the lady in the photo on obverse) to Russian inmate (number 50155, Mr. Lisek Gilarovski) at...

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Israel - set of 4 "Doar Ivri" (Hebrew Post), high value Mils issue, 1948 (Bale 7-9). The lot includes 3 mint, unhinged 250, 500 and 1000 Mils stamps, plus one cancelled 250 Mils piece. The 1000 Mils,...

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Israel - set of 5 Postage due 1st issue "Doar Ivri" (Hebrew Post), 1948. Bale PD1-PD5; cancelled, no gum, lightly hinged מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות דואר עברי מעטפות תש"ח תוית תויות קק"ל קום המדינה...

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Italy - set of 3 Black-shirts Fund stamps, 1923. Mint, lightly-hinged, full gum. Watermarked. מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות פילאטליה פילטליה דואר מעטפות גלויות אגרות אגרת איטליה

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Confederate States of America - uncut block of 4 CSA #12 (KB - Keatinge and Ball Printing) dark-blue 10 cents stamps. Near-mint (has horizontal crease-line at center of block), original gum, unused...

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Norway - corner block with gutter of 2 Norwegian 1 Ore (SG 301/38) olive-green colored stamps overprinted with a "V" (SG T49). Mint, unused, unhinged with original gum. Not water-marked. Has minor...

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Israeli Army philatelic booklet, 1969. A philatelic / public relations booklet issued by (and stamped) by the "Postal Service of the IDF Command on the West Bank", called 'Two Open Bridges'. The...

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0010071 a

'Mystery' lot x39 covers, mostly 1948-50's; includes commercial and philatelic thematic and 1st flight FDCs and other mail; 1949 National Flag private FDB and with "IsraeCl" error stamp; 1948 10th...

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Israel: airmail envelope with letterhead of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission, 1960s. In Israel, the Prime Minister chairs the Commission, and the body itself was originally established by Ben...

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0133459 a

Doar Ivri stamp used as postage dues (last day in Haifa): Haifa registered cover posted locally unfranked on 31 May 1948 and backstamped same, marked [Haifa] Mandate type "T" tax cachet on 50m Doar...

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0133484 redo

1950 75th Anniversary of UPU tete beche guttered pair 40+40 Pruta (Ba 27b); MNH

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0133485 redo

1950 75th Anniversary of UPU tete beche pair 40+80 Pruta (Ba 27a + 28a); MNH

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1973 Town Emblems 0.10£+0.18£ tete beche sheet (Ba IrS.25), MNH

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Lot x14 MNH/mint-hinged Tel Aviv overprinted interim stamps: KKL 5m TA ovpt (Ba 2), 10 KKL green (Ba 23), Warsaw Ghetto 10m red ovpt (Ba 22b), Technion 10m (Ba 14), KKL 3m olive and 3m green (Ba 1),...

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Pictorals 8m yellow brown vert ribbed (Ba 96 B) postmarked Allenby Road branch office pmk J1

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0133732 a

Holyland Austrian PO mail: Arthur Ruppin personal stationary ex Jaffa to Austria, franked 1 Piaster (Ba 67) at the correct letter rate for mail abroad 21 APR(?) 1912(?) and postmarked by Jaffa b pmk...

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0133734 a

Austrian mail to Holyland: picture postcard of Vienna (Edgar Schmidt) ex Vienna to Jerusalem, postmarked Vienna 7 MAR 1900 and arrived Jerusalem 16 MAR 1900 via Austrian PO black pmk Ba 122. Small...

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