France: x2 LVF air labels with tabs, w/o accents; 1942 ovptd issue
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France - 2 air labels belonging to the collaborationist French Volunteer Legion (LVF) of the German Army, in World War 2. The French Volunteer Legion [against Bolshevism] - the 'Legion Francais Contre le Bolshevisme' - was formed within days of Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union, on 22 June 1941. The movement for an establishment of such a volunteer force came not from the collaborationist Vichy regime, but rather from Fascist organizations that operated within occupied France - a creature that earned the derision of both the German government and the French public. The Legion barely numbered 2,300 men, but it served the same symbolic capacity as similar collaborationist units serving in the German ranks during the first half of the Second World War, and earned a reputation for its tough combat ability on the Eastern Front. As such, following its evolution through a few re-titled reincarnations in the ranks of the Waffen-SS in the latter half of the War, many of its veterans met their end serving France during the early years of the Vietnam war, notably at Dien Bien Phu in 1956.

These air labels were part of a series of privately produced philately promoting the Legion. These 2 labels are the 1942 bi-lingual overprints of the original issue from Nov. 1941, with 'Front De L'Est / Ostfront' (Eastern Front) in black. Similar to the aspirations of other foreign legions in German service, these labels bear strong French associations in design and language - both also retain tabs bearing the Vichy hammer emblem. The Air Tax label is the version lacking accents on the word 'Special' and 'Francais'. Mint.

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