'Harand Movement' x11 anti-racist labels (Austria, Fr, US), 1930s
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Austria / France / United States, "Harand Movement" philo-Semitic anti-racist labels, 1930s: 11 labels in German, French and English highlighting Jewish personalities, contributions and achivements, some specifically in response to the anti-Semitic exhibition "The Eternal Jew" (1937); x7 mint never hinged, x1 mint hinged with disturbed gum, x1 mint with disturbed gum, x2 used(?) no gum. 

Irene Harand (1900-1975) founded the "Movement against Anti-Semitism, Racial Hatred and Glorification of War" in 1933 and published a response to Hitler's "Mein Kampf" ("My Struggle") entitled "Sein Kampf" ("His Struggle"); she was recognized as "Rightous Among the Nations" by Israel in 1969.

מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות תוים יהודיים יהודים ציוניים ציונים תנועה קק"ל מגבית מגביות