Hungary: Jewish forced-labor brigade pc ex Diosek to Budapest, 1943
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Hungarian forced-labor brigade mail: postcard with maroon 12 Filler pre-paid postage stamp, postmarked 16 Mar. 1943 from Budapest. Postcard is in maroon-red print, from the Royal Hungarian Press, and dated "Budapest 1943". The card was sent from Flesche Pal of the 707/1 Work Company in Diosek to Biro Eudieue sub-letting at Taub Ferenc in Budapest. Biro's name appears as "Ilava" in the other two later-dated cards, suggesting that the writer may have married her sometime after this card. Pal writes: "My love, I arrived alright at the transit camp in Berezbem. I hope that you also feel well. My little one, parting from you was hard. Unfortunately there's not much hope. I wear your soul on me."

מילות מפתח: היסטוריה בולאית מעטפות חותמות דואר תעריפים קישרי חוץ השואה גטאות גדודי עבודה כפיה הונגריה כיבוש גרמני נאצי רייך שלישי יודאיקה יודאיכה