Argentina/US: YIVO assistance fund block x4 2-cent(?) stamps, c. 1940
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Argentina / United States, "Yidisher Wissenschaftlekher Institut" (YIVO) assistance fund 2-cent(?) stamps, circa. 1940: block of x4 mint never hinged stamps in purple with Hebraicized Yiddish; block perforated on only 2 sides. 

The Yiddish Scientific Institute was founded in Vilna in 1925 as an academic institution dedicated to the study of Yiddish and East European Jewish culture; it chose Yiddish as its language of operation as a "realistic" expression of Jewish nationalism, over the Hebrew of Zionist Jewish nationalism (or "assimilationist" German or Russian). YIVO was the only Jewish pre-Holocaust organization to successfully relocate from Europe to the United States during the Second World War (in 1940), and it opened main branches in New York and Buenos Aires. As these stamps depicts both North and South American it is unclear to which branch they are from. Scarce.

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