Austria: 'Harand Movement' anti-'Eternal Jew' labels, c. 1937
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Austria, "Harand Movement" philo-Semitic labels "in response to the Munich Exhibition 'The Eternal Jew'", showcasing Jewish personalities, circa. 1937: 1 strip of 3 labels + 1 strip of 2 labels (possibly originally all connected as one vertical strip) - 5 different figures (all mint never hinged; one with fold marks). 

The "Eternal Jew" ("Der Ewige Jude") was an exhibition of "degenerate art" (i.e. non Aryan) which opened at Library of the German Museum in Munich on November 8, 1937, and featured anti-Semitic perspectives of Jews and Jewry in world affairs; in 1940 it was produced as a dramatic "documentary" movie.

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