Foreign Israeli postal connections x4 private post comm. cvs, 1960s-1990s
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South Africa/Italy/Netherlands/USA, private post issues (x4): commercial airmail cover ex. South Africa to Jerusalem (1968) with "Southern Africa Magen David Adom" red label; franked philatelic airmail cover ex. Naples to Rehovot (Israel), May 2000, with "Amici Della Filpa" label and "STAMPE" cachet; franked philatelic cover ex. Hengelo to Amersfoort (Holland), May 1978, on special "Nederland-Israel Philatelie" stationary tied to event label (25th anniversary of Netherlands-Israeli philately) and event cachet (x2); franked philatelic airmail first day cover (1971 - Richard Byrd) ex. Cedarhurst (NY) to Rehovot (Israel), Oct. 1994 with x2 different "Jewish War Veterans" labels.

מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות תוים יהודיים יהודים ציוניים ציונים תנועה קק"ל מגבית מגביות