Germany: Jewish Community of Berlin 1968 restoration fund stamp booklet
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Germany, Jewish Community of Berlin ("Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin") restoration fund stamp ("spenden marke") commemorative booklet, 1968: reprinted set of x10 (1949) different denominated stamps depicting Synagogues destroyed during Kristallnacht (Nov. 1938); mounted in commemorative booklet marking the 30th anniversary of Kristallnacht and the ongoing restoration of those Synagogues; with photograph of the Community center (opened in 1959) on reverse. Unlike the original 1949 issue, the stamps used here have a coarser, less distinct visual impression.

מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות תוים יהודיים יהודים ציוניים ציונים תנועה קק"ל מגבית מגביות